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Circulating Files: The Power of the Edgar Cayce Readings CCirculating Files is a name given to a series of hundreds of files that contain information taken from the Edgar Cayce "readings". Circulating files are organized by topic. Inside the file you will find an outline of commonalities that the readings suggest in regards to the particular topic. The circulating file will also give an explanation of what the readings are advising in an easily understood way.

Circulating Files have certainly been most helpful in my life on more than one occasion; but even still, care should be taken when reading them. The circulating files can be submitted by anyone who takes the time to research the topic at hand, and hence may not be complete. I am also unaware of a peer review of the content submitted.

With about 700 circulating files, they cover the widest range of Cayce material trumped only by the readings themselves. About 2/3 of them are medical files on illnesses, diseases, symptoms, treatments & medical fields. Around 1/3 of them are non-medical files covering topics such as ancient civilizations, attitudes and emotions, the bible and religion, Cayce quotes and similes, ESP, healing, home and marriage, human relations, ideals, karma, life and death, meditation, mind, natural processes, our origin and destiny, reincarnation, soul, universal law, prophecy, earth changes, and other topics.

These files are continually updated. New files are also added to more fully cover the wide range of topics "The Sleeping Prophit" spoke on. You can see a list of recently published and updated circulating files at the end of the library newsletters.

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Circulating files are available to be checked out of the library in person. They can also be mailed out by purchasing one from the A.R.E. All files are reasonably priced. To purchase a circulating file, contact the A.R.E. at:
Call: 800-333-4499 x 7400
Or: 757-428-3588 x 7400
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