Finding Cayce Reading Information

The Power of the Readings at your Fingertips

FFinding information on the Cayce reading can be though. I have compiled this outline of Cayce information to help assist you in finding the information you need and to give you an idea of what to expect from each information source. The readings themselves were given upon request to thousands of individuals and contain no organization by topic. Often times the reading suggest different therapies (or philosophies) for different people and furthermore, the readings are often hard to understand. There are over 9,000 medical readings and over 5,000 non-medical readings that the "sleeping" Cayce gave.

Part of the massive collection of Edgar Cayce readings

Treatment Plans (Treatment Protocols)

In my experience, this is the best source of information on specific illnesses. The treatment plans were developed by the Meridian Institute, a group of medical doctors that work with the cayce mdical readings. The treatment plans carry more than just Cayc's trance readings, they include expertise from these doctors in using the suggestions to treat the illness.

There are a limited number of illnesses covered by these plans (48), but if you do find the illness you are looking for, odds are its the best Cayce information you will find!

To order go to the ARE's page on Treatment Plans.

Circulating Files

With around 700 circulating files, its the most comprehensive collection of medical and non-medical documents on the Cayce readings. Often times though, the information in the files is not as extensive as other sources. The circulation files are contunually expaned and upadted. Visit the circulating files page for more information.

The Cayce Herbal

The Cayce Herbal is a free online source of information on over 100 herbal remedies that Cayce so often recommended in his medical readings. This resource was developed by and is distributed by the Meridian Institute. Its clearly the most comprehensive resource for cayce herbal information.

Cayce Books

So often information is compiled by subject into books. Cayce books can be a wonderful resource in finding in depth information on Cayce topics. They are often easily understood as well. There is currently about 450 published Cayce books listed on This site seems to me to be the most comprehensive, unbiased & easily accessible source of information on what books are available from a Cayce inspired perspective. For purchasing these books, I would recomened looking at The Book Depository, they offer a wide range of Cayce books, good prices and free shipping the world.

The Complete Edgar Cayce Readings

The complete readings themselves is really the most comprehensive source of information on Cayce; right from the horses mouth! All together there is more than 14,000 othese readings, of which about half of them are medical readings.

In the readings I have found countless bits of cayce information on a variety of subjects that I am sure has never been published elsewhere. Its such a wealth of information. Online access to the Cayce readings can be obtained by purchasing a membership to the A.R.E. A copy of the readings on paper is freely available in the Cayce library, but as far as I am concerned, is almost useless as you can not search them!

There is some down sides to searching the readings though. It took me about two years of reading Cayce daily to really understand throughly his cryptic language. Its also time consuming searching through the tens of thousands of readings that were given. Even with these downfalls, if one is serious enough about forming a comprehensive understanding of the Cayce view on a particular topic, the readings themselves is a unreplaceable asset.      Edgar Cayce Book on Metaphysics

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