About the Library

Edgar Cayce Library StacksTThe Edgar Cayce Library is the largest of its kind in North America. It's an invaluable resource for anyone interested in metaphysics, parapsychology, comparative religious studies, holistic health, ancient civilizations or other like topics. The library houses over 65,000 volumes including a complete copy of the massive Edgar Cayce Readings, the Egerton Sykes collection (Atlantis) and the Andrew Jackson Davis collection (Psychic experiences.) The library also has a large collection of video, audio and reference material.

If you are unable to visit the gorgeous grounds that the library resides on, most of the library volumes are available by mail out order. Some of the very rare books are not available by mail and include the Egerton Sykes collection (Atlantis) and the Andrew Jackson Davis collection (Psychic experiences.) Along with the large selection of rare books, the library continues to shelf new books, continually increasing the collection of the library.

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce is known as Americas most famous physic. Cayce found that he was able to put himself into what looked like a trance state. From this state, he answered questions when asked. Often the answers that he gave were not typical of societal norms. To the surprise of himself and most other people, when the advise was followed, it was often found to be very beneficial. He could respond to questions as diverse as "Do I have a soul mate?" or "How can I cure my diabetes?" His responses to these questions became the "readings."

Edgar Cayce became known as the father of holistic medicine, as many of the concepts and practices of holistic medicine were not practiced until Cayce spoke about them. Today there is more than 450 Cayce inspired books that discuss various aspects of the extremely diverse topics he spoke on. The majority of the readings deal with holistic health, but all together, Cayce spoke on over 10,000 topics. Most of these topics could fit into Health, Philosophy & Reincarnation, Prophecies, Dream Interpretation, Psychic Phenomena, and Spiritual Growth. In addition to speaking about topics, Cayce gave a large number of predictins.
Beautiful Meditation Gardens

Visiting the Library

While visiting the library you may want to read a book in the beautiful meditation gardens. There is plenty of room to sit down and enjoy the gardens. The fishies in the pond dart around when walking nearby and the bamboo forest sways gently in the breeze.

After reading in the gardens, you can visit meditation room. The meditation room has a gorgeous ocean view and a peaceful atmosphere. Also present in the meditation room is some of the most beautiful stained glass I have ever seen. The stained glass was donated to the A.R.E. by a famous stained glass artist. While looking back on a reading that Edgar Cayce had given her when she was young, was very impressed that Cayce had correctly prophesied that she would one day become a world famous stained glass artist. Being so impressed with his accuracy, she donated some lovely stained glass that now adds significantly to the ambiance of the meditation room.

Purpose of the Library

The library is to be "...builded around that of a place where the records of that accomplished through these sources[the readings] are kept, and others of similar nature, or of the various philosophies that may be found that will coordinate-and combined in that oneness of purpose to bring the better understanding of the purpose in life, and thus enable man to realize the closer association with the divine. In the lecture room and the library-members, then, having access to such, gain better in the understanding of such, and the library may be made circulating, or a repository-as it will become-to all those who seek to see their theory disseminated." (Edgar Cayce reading #254-37)      Edgar Cayce Book on Metaphysics
Edgar Cayce Library Symbol

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